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The undergraduate programme is broad-based and prepares the students for a wide range of opportunities in agriculture and all agricultural engineering-related industries. The students have two possible options in the final year namely, the Farm Machinery/Crop Processing and Storage; and the Farm Structures and Environment/Soil and Water Engineering options.

The postgraduate programme is designed to be a logical complement to the undergraduate programme with emphasis on specialisation in specific areas. Specifically, the postgraduate programme is designed for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering graduates or graduates of other engineering fields who wish to re-orientate their specialisation and are prepared to make up for deficiencies as their former training may not include relevant agricultural engineering subjects.


our mission

The mission of the Department in pursuit of its vision to be among the top rated Department involved in the training of Agricultural and Environmental Engineers in Nigeria and World at large, imbibe in our students the right ethic, altitude and behaviour required of Engineers and empower them academically and professionally for the creative and effective practice of Engineering in self- employment in Agricultural, food and allied industries and in Government and other agencies involved in the management and regulation of Agricultural, food and Natural resources.

Our vision

The vision of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering is to create a teaching and research environment for imparting appropriate skills and knowledge in Agricultural and rural development in an environmental friendly and sustainable manner.

It also has as a component of the vision to conduct cutting edge researches, that will advance frontiers of knowledge and contribute a substantial proportion of innovations and inventions in Nigerian Agricultural system and pursuit of academic excellence to foster the development of Agricultural food and allied industries in Nigeria.

We mechanize to feed the nation in an environment friendly manner.

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our programmes

The programme which is normally by course work and research project is designed to equip the agricultural engineer with the necessary tools to deal with the problems of modernising Nigerian agriculture by giving him professional and academic expertise in one of the following areas:

  • Farm Power and Machinery
  • Post-Harvest Engineering
  • Soil and Water Resources Engineering
  • Farm Structures and Environmental Engineering.

The Department places considerable emphasis on research in tropical agriculture involving a wide range of work from long term fundamental research to equipment and systems development and testing especially for small-farmer agriculture and industry.

Such works include:

  • Planting and harvesting machinery for agricultural crops
  • Properties, processing and storage of tropical crops with particular emphasis on the development of appropriate agro processing technologies for small and medium scale processors.
  • Extraction of oil from oil bearing seeds/materials
  • Development of local farm structures materials.
  • Modeling crop water use.
  • Production of biogas from wastes
  • Rain water harvesting