dr Omotayo Adeteju AREGBESOLA


  • Qualifications :

    B.Sc. (1994), M.Sc. (2001), Ph.D. (2011) MNIAE, MASAE, MNSE, Reg. Engr. COREN R- 9534, 2002]

  • Research Focus :

    Studies on processing, handling and storage of indigenous agricultural products (e.g.cassava, rice, sorghum, Roselle calyxes, Indian Almond kernels) Studies on drying/evaluating drying process of indigenous agricultural products. Studies relating to heat and mass transfer of agricultural products.

  • Area Of Specialization : Food Processing and Storage
  • Phone No : +2348033740386
  • Email :

List Of Publications

Aregbesola, O. A., Olatunde, G. A., Esuola, S. S. and Owolarafe, O.K. (2011). Oil Point Pressure of Indian Almond (Terminalia Catappa) Kernels. International Agrophysics, 26: 225-228.

Publication Year: 2011

Aviara, N; Ajibola, O.O; Aregbesola,O.A and Adedeji, M.A. (2006). Moisture Sorption Properties of Sorghum Malt at 40 and 50 Deg C. Journal of Stored Products Research, 42 (3): 290-301.


Publication Year: 2006

Aregbesola, O.A and Ajibola, O.O. (2003). Studies on Parboiling of Ofada and Faro 48 Rice Varieties. Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (JAET), 11: 9-16.


Publication Year: 2003

Aregbesola, O.A and Osunade, J.A. (2002). Effectiveness of Laterized Concrete Silo for Storage of Sorghum Grains. Nigerian Journal of Engineering, Research and Development (NJERD), 1(4):14-23.

Publication Year: 2002

Ogunjimi, L.A.O; Aviara, N and Aregbesola O.A. (2002). Some Engineering Properties of Locust Bean Seed. Journal of Food Engineering, 55:95-99.


Publication Year: 2002

Kehinde. A. Taiwo, Adefemi .J. Osunbitan, J.A, Tayo. A. Sunmonu, Micheal . O. Ajayi and Obafemi. O. Ajibola (2001). Technology Choice & Technical Capacity for Cassava Processing. Food Reviews International, 17(1):89-107.

Publication Year: 2001