prof Babatunde sunday OGUNSINA


((Head of Department))

  • Qualifications :

    [B.Sc. (1992), M.Sc. (1997), Ph.D. (2010), MNIAE, MASABE, MNSE, Reg. Engr. COREN R-10264, 2004]

  • Research Focus :

    Properties, deformation mechanics, processing and utilization of oilseeds as food materials. Technologies for small and medium scale processing of agricultural materials Renewable energy

  • Area Of Specialization : Farm Machinery and Crop Processing
  • Phone No : +234 805 9881048
  • Email :

List Of Publications

Aviara, N. A., Godwin, O.  Owolarafe, O.K.  Ogunsina , B .S. and  Oluwole Fasiu (2018): Effect of Pre-processing Conditions on Oil Point Pressure of Sheanut (Vitellaria paradoxa) Kernel in a Hydraulic Press. Arid Zone Journal of Engineering, Technology and Environment, 14(2): 272 -291

Publication Year: 2018

Aviara, N. A.,  Musa, W. B., Owolarafe, O. K.,  Ogunsina, B. S. and  Oluwole, F. A. (2015). Effect of Processing Conditions on Oil Point Pressure of moringa oleifera Seed.   Journal of Food Science and Technology. 52(7): 4499–4506.

Publication Year: 2015

Ogunsina, B.S; Indira, T.N; Bhatnagar, A.S; Radha, C; Sukumar, D and Gopalakrishna, A.G. (2011). Quality characteristics and stability of Moringa oleifera  seed oil of Indian origin. Journal of Food Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1007/s13 197-011-05 19-5

Publication Year: 2011