prof oseni kehinde OWOLARAFE


((Director, Central Tech. Laboratories & Workshops))

  • Qualifications :

    (B.Sc. (1989), MSc. (1999), Ph.D. (2007), MNIAE, MASAE, MNSE, Reg Eng R-7820, 1998)

  • Research Focus :

    Development of appropriate technologies for small scale palm fruit processing, Development of a multipurpose seed-oil expeller, Development of appropriate processing technologies for okra, Development of appropriate processing technologies for locust bean & Oil palm plantation management research.

  • Area Of Specialization : Farm machinery and agricultural materials processing
  • Phone No : +2348056509073, +2348095843531, +2348089385410
  • Email :

List Of Publications

Aviara, N.A., C. G. Ojiofor, O. K. Owolarafe, B. S. Ogunsina and F. A. Oluwole (2020). Effect of pre-processing conditions on oil point pressure of sheanut (Vitellaria paradoxa) kernel. AgricEngInt: CIGR Journal 22(2): 172-185.

Publication Year: 2020

Aviara, N. A., Godwin, O.  Owolarafe, O.K.  Ogunsina , B .S. and  Oluwole Fasiu (2018): Effect of Pre-processing Conditions on Oil Point Pressure of Sheanut (Vitellaria paradoxa) Kernel in a Hydraulic Press. Arid Zone Journal of Engineering, Technology and Environment, 14(2): 272 -291

Publication Year: 2018

Idowu, D.O and Owolarafe, O.K. (2017). Mathematical modelling of the performance of an impact snake gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina. L) seed sheller. CIGR Journal, Vol 19 (1): 142 - 148

Publication Year: 2017

Onibonoje, M.O.; Kehinde, L.O. and Owolarafe, O.K. (2016): A Wireless Sensor Network for Controlling the Effect of Moisture Content in Stored Maize Grains. International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, 4 (10):141-147

Publication Year: 2016

Aramide, B.P. and Owolarafe, O.K. and Adeyemi, N.A.  (2016) Development of a Support Mechanism for Motorised Palm Fruit Bunch Harvester. CIGR Journal, 18 (1): 201-212

Publication Year: 2016

Aviara, N. A.,  Musa, W. B., Owolarafe, O. K.,  Ogunsina, B. S. and  Oluwole, F. A. (2015). Effect of Processing Conditions on Oil Point Pressure of moringa oleifera Seed.   Journal of Food Science and Technology. 52(7): 4499–4506.

Publication Year: 2015

Kareem, I.;  Owolarafe, O.K. and Ajayi, O.A. (2012). Development of a kolanut peeling device. Journal of Food Science and Technology, Springer (in press)

Publication Year: 2012

Kareem, I. Owolarafe, O.K. and Ajayi, O.A. (2012). Moisture dependent physical properties of kolanut (cola nitida). Food and Bioprocess Technology, Springer. (in pres)

Publication Year: 2012

Onibonoje, M.O.; Jubril, A.M. and Owolarafe, O.K. (2012). Determination of bulk  grains moisture content in a silo using distributed sensor network. Ife Journal of Technology, 21 (2), 55-59

Publication Year: 2012