dr lateef ayodele SANNI


  • Qualifications :

    [B.Sc. (1989), M.Sc. (1999), MBA (2001), PhD (2014) MNIAE, MASAE, MNSE, Reg. Engr. COREN R-9238, 2002

  • Research Focus :

    Determination of the physical, mechanical and aero-dynamic properties of tropical agricultural materials Design and development of agro-processing equipment Automation of mechanical systems for optimitizing agro-processing plants Study of traditional/cultural practices in rural agro-processing. Development of cassava pellet processing extruder. Comparative evaluation of some properties of cassava chips and pellets

  • Area Of Specialization : Bioprocess Engineering and Machine Design
  • Phone No : +2348062756778
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List Of Publications

Sanni, L.A; Ogunsina, B.S (2007). Development of rotary pulverizer for cassava cake in garri production. Journal of Food Process Engineering, U.K. Vol. 31, Issue 6, Pp. 783-797.

Publication Year: 2007

Owolarafe,O K; Sanni,L A; Olosunde,W O; Fadeyi,O O; Ajibola,O O (2007). Development of an aqueous batch extraction system for palm fruit processing. Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa and Latin America (AMAA), Tokyo, 38(4): 61-66

Publication Year: 2007

Omobuwajo, T.O; Omobuwajo, O.R and Sanni, L.A (2003). Physical properties of Calabash Nutmeg (Monodora myristica) seeds. Journal of Food Engineering, U.K. 57(4): 375-381


Publication Year: 2003

Owolarafe, O.K; Sanni, L.A; Edinowe, O.S; Ogunyomi, O.T; Faborode, M.O and Ajibola, O.O (2002) Development of an oil Palm Fruit Stripper. Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Nigeria. 10: 59- 64.


Publication Year: 2002

Owolarafe, O.K; Adesope, J.A; Sanni, L.A; Taiwo, K.A; Ajibola, O.O, (2000) A comparative study of hammer mill and grater for gari production. Journal of Agricultural Extension, UK. 4:56-62


Publication Year: 2000

Taiwo, K.A; Owolarafe O.K; Sanni, L.A; Jeje, J.O; Adeloye, K; Ajibola, O.O (2000) Technological assessment of palm oil production in Osun and Ondo States of Nigeria. Technovation, England.20: 215-223.



Publication Year: 2000

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Publication Year: 2000

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Publication Year: 2000

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Publication Year: 1999