prof Jimmy Akinfemi OSUNBITAN


  • Qualifications :

    [B.Sc. (1992), M.Sc. (1999), Ph.D. (2007) MNSE, MNIAE, Reg. Engr. COREN R- 8145, 2000]

  • Research Focus :

    Studies on the impact of agriculture on soil and ground water, Studies on nutrient uptake by plant, Studies on soil and groundwater contamination, Investigation into the effects of pesticides on soil, groundwater and solute transport in the soil environment.

  • Area Of Specialization : Soil and Water Resources Engineering
  • Phone No : 08036705604
  • Email :

List Of Publications

Osunbitan, J.A (2013). Response of Amaranth to Irrigation and Organic Matter. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A 3, USA. 131-139.


Publication Year: 2013

Adekalu, K.O;  Olorunfemi, I.A. and Osunbitan, J.A (2007). Grass Mulching Effect on Infiltration, Runoff and Soil Loss of Three Agricultural Soils in Nigeria. Bioresource Technology, 98: 912-917.


Publication Year: 2007

Adekalu, K.O; Okunade, D.A. and Osunbitan, J.A (2007). Estimating trafficability of three Nigerian agricultural soils from shear strength-density-moisture relations. International Agrophysics, 21: 1-5.


Publication Year: 2007

Adekalu, K.O; Okunade, D.A and Osunbitan, J.A (2006). Compaction and mulching effects on soil loss and runoff from two southwestern Nigeria agricultural soils. Geoderma 137: 226 - 230.


Publication Year: 2006

Osunbitan, J.A; Oyedele, D.J. and Adekalu, K.O (2005).Tillage Effects on   Bulk Density, Hydraulic Conductivity, and Strength of Loamy Sand Soil in Southwestern Nigeria. Soil and Tillage Research, 82: 57-64.


Publication Year: 2005

Osunbitan, J.A; Okunade, D.A. and  Fapohunda, H.O. (2005). Evaluating the Quantity and Quality of Groundwater for Irrigation in the Basement Complex of Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Hydrology (Electronic Journal of IAEH), 13: 1-8.


Publication Year: 2005

Adekalu, K.O and Osunbitan, J.A (2001). Compactibility of some Agricultural   Soils in South Western  Nigeria. Soil and Tillage Research, 59 (1): 27-31


Publication Year: 2001

Osunbitan, J.A;  Olushina, J.O;  Jeje, J.O; Taiwo, K.A; Faborode, M.O; and Ajibola, O.O. (2000). Information on micro – enterprises involved in cassava and Palm oil processing in the Osun and  Ondo states of  Nigeria. Technovation.  20 (10): 577-585


Publication Year: 2000